The Cleveland Browns are making moves but not everyone on the current roster is involved.

Browns players are all reacting to potential roster moves by taking to social media and posting cryptic tweets. The team's running back, Duke Johnson, is also going on social media but he's taking the potential rumors in a very different way. 

Johnson has taken the Browns out of his Twitter and Instagram bio, making it very clear he's ready to move on from his current situation. 

The recent tweet he liked is true. When anyone thinks of Johnson they think of a third-down back who comes in strictly as a pass-catching option. While he does thrive at catching the ball he still averaged five yards a carry last season. He's right to seek a new opportunity.

Of course, it's not like Johnson is choosing on his own to move on from the Browns. This team has decided to take a different route in the backfield after  signing troubled running back Kareem Hunt. With the Pro Bowler and Nick Chubb around, there's no space for a player like Johnson no matter how good he is with the ball in his hands.

The Cowboys and the Eagles have shown interest in adding the insulted running back but Cleveland could swing a much larger deal by involving Johnson.

If the Browns are ready to trade Johnson, they clearly have his blessing.

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