​Our sources indicate that Browns general manager John Dorsey is on the verge of making a significant roster move. 

Who are our sources you ask? Well that would be Jarvis Landry, Damarious Randall, and David Njoku, all of whom have recently tweeted cryptic posts that we can only assume infer that Cleveland is about to acquire a star. 

We'll start with Jarvis, who appears to recruit this anonymous player. 

Randall's post is more straightforward and crowns the intelligence and savvy of the GM. 

As for Njoku, well he is loving every second of everything that is about to happen.  

Okay, let's try to sort out possible outcomes these players are evidently hinting at. 

Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, Earl Thomas, and Landon Collins are the most notable stars that come to mind, but we have to ask if ​the Browns are really in the market for a running back, wide receiver or safety. 

And we don't think Randall, a starting safety, would fancy the franchise bringing in another defensive back. Could they all just be applauding the ​impending departure of Jamie Collins

Honestly, anything is possible, but stay tuned for updates. Something is brewing in Cleveland.