​The Celtics, losers of five of six, have a lot of problems to sort out before the postseason comes around. And one significant factor that is making matters worse is the longer-than-expected return to form of Gordon Hayward. 

The 28-year-old is averaging under 5 points, shooting less than 25 percent from the field, and less than 15 percent from three in his last five games. But everybody knows his struggles extend as far back as the beginning of the season. 

The first time Hayward sat down to watch film on himself this year he said, "Wow, am I really that slow out there? I think it's hard in general to watch yourself on film, but obviously, this was on another level."

According to ESPN, Gordon's recovery process even includes the assistance of a mental health counselor to help him cope with the process of returning to full health. 

"It's hard," he continued. "It's embarrassing. You want to be the guy that says, 'I'm strong. I don't need any help."

Hayward admitted in a recent interview that his inconsistency has begun to take a toll on him, acknowledging that each time he pulls together a positive string a games, he ​suffers a setback

We're rooting for ​the former All-Star to get his mind right, but until that day comes we can't justify the Celtics giving him considerable minutes in the games to come.