​LeBron James or Michael Jordan? The seemingly never-ending GOAT debate is discussed in bars throughout America. Each generation, regardless of whether or not they've seen prime MJ, partake in the deliberation and up until the 2018-2019 season there was a case to be made for both sides. 

"Up until the 2018-2019 season."

Will this season be remembered as the year that ended the GOAT debate? In our eyes, it has. LeBron James should never be compared to Michael Jordan again. It starts with his pathetic attempt to get the Lakers back to the playoffs. 

Second, the manner in which he has handled the media ALL season long has been mind-numbing. Does he realize that he chose to come to Los Angeles? That he chose his teammates for this season? And he elects on ​calling them out...time and time again. 

Would MJ ever do this? You know better than to second guess that answer. It's a firm no. 

Finally, we always crowned LeBron for his tenacious competitiveness, single-handedly willing sub-par rosters to countless NBA Finals. 

Now he thinks he is above playing defense and ​even winning championships!. Jordan gave 110 percent EVERY. SINGLE. PLAY. Even when he came down with the flu!

LeBron will continue to climb the statistical rankings in basketball history and is still a legend to the game, but this season has taught us that he will never take GOAT title from Michael. 

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