Add Brandon Graham to the list of Eagles standouts who are defending Carson Wentz.

The Eagles and the linebacker had one big thing to get done this offseason and it happened when the two sides agreed to a massive contract extension. Now that Graham got his deal done and will be in Philadelphia for the next three years, he's ready to fix the drama that has gone on for far too long within the locker room.

Graham believes those anonymous players who have a problem with Wentz need to approach him "with love". 

Settling it in the locker room seems like a much better way to deal with this issue than this anonymous player did. 

After a report surfaced that Wentz was not liked in the locker room, numerous Eagles teammates came out in the quarterback's defense. Graham didn't tell people to "at him" like Brandon Graham did, but he did come up with an extremely simple way to make sure this kind of nonsense doesn't happen again with his suggestion.


It makes sense that Graham would back up Wentz and fix this problem given the quarterback's support of him when he signed a new deal.

Graham is a staple of the Eagles and will be for quite some time thanks to his deal. Since he's staying around in the locker room, he won't want to deal with any more problems revolving around Wentz. They have another championship to win.

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