Oh, come on, Russ. Do you really think anybody is really going to believe this? Seriously, let's unpack this for a moment. Here's what happened earlier this evening immediately after Russell Westbrook was called for a technical foul in Oklahoma City against the Memphis Grizzlies:

After being given the tech just about two minutes into the game, Westbrook tried to explain to the referee that he wasn't speaking inappropriately to an opponent; he was just talking to himself.​​ James Capers wasn't having any of it, brushing off the former MVP's appeal and giving the Grizzlies a chance at the free throw line.

Westbrook didn't look very happy with the call, and in reality, who would be? And while the tech didn't end up costing the Thunder dearly, as they walked away with a narrow 99-95 win, he surely felt hard-done by it.

All told, Westbrook can't be too upset. He entered Sunday leading the NBA with 588 assists, 77 more than any other player, and his team are just a half-game back of third place in the West thanks to both his and MVP candidate Paul George's performances.