Tyron Woodley didn't know what hit him. 

Komaru Usman is the best welterweight on the planet, as he proclaimed after his dominant performance against Woodley, and the Nigerian-American fighter took what was rightfully his at ​UFC 235. Woodley is no doubt one of the best welterweights of all-time, but 31-year-old Usman proved to be too much, as his technique and strategy worked to perfection.

​It's easy to question Woodley's motives considering he looked thoroughly outmatched the entire fight, but perhaps it's time to give Usman his due. From humble beginnings to glorified ends, Usman used a decisive physical advantage to put his opponent in an unfamiliar position early.

​​With most of the ​UFC world stunned by Usman's decisive win, the man himself took the podium with the most important inspiration in his life--his daughter. Usman admitted as much when given the mic, stating his little girl lit a fire under him to become one of the greatest. To do so, he had to defeat an icon.

No one is questioning Kamaru Usman now.

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