​​LeBron James is supposed to lead by example. As a fan of basketball, watching the King in his current state is not enjoyable. In fact, it dissuades his case as the All-Time GOAT and has the potential to ruin any chance the Lakers have at landing a top free agent this summer.

​James' legacy isn't on the line, stating anything of the sort would be a stretch. But given how the Lakers look right now, after a deflating loss in Phoenix to the lowly Suns, it's fair to question James' intentions.

James has carried some truly terrible rosters to the cusp of greatness, yet he's fed up with this group of young Lakers? Something doesn't add up. Sure, the Anthony Davis trade drama was  gravely mishandled by both James and Magic Johnson, but at this point the team needs to regroup to avoid a colossal embarrassment. Instead, they're steering into the skid.

LeBron continues to be beat defensively and show more frustration than we've seen from him potentially ever. It's a version of James we've astonishingly avoided to this point in his career. At least to the outside world, LeBron's appeared cautiously optimistic at worst, and bombastic at best. This season, they're clinging for a chance at the No. 8 seed, and it shows.

For those claiming this was always going to be a lost season for the Lakers, you're flat-out lying. Sure, no one expected them to contend with the Warriors, or even Houston and OKC near the top of the West standings. But this is LeBron Freaking James. Even at age 34, we expect better.

Stop making excuses. What ever happened to playoff mode?

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