​The ​Philadelphia Phillies introduced ​Bryce Harper to the media on Saturday, and it was a pretty cool setup having it outdoors on top of the dugout at their Spring Training facility. It went well and he handled everything perfectly ... except for this blunder:

Bryce, where did you want to bring a World Series title to? Did I hear D.C.?

Hey man, you might want to clean that up moving forward. The media and the fanatical fanbase in Philly aren't going to let that slide. Remember, you play for a different NL East team.

It's a press conference and I'm sure his emotions were all over the place, but you would think that he would remember in that moment he wants to bring a title back to Philadelphia, not Washington D.C.

You got 13 years here, Bryce, time to get used to your surroundings because we can't have a slip like that again.