​In the wake of their ​signing of Bryce Harper, the ​Philadelphia Phillies have also signed the son of a former MLB star.

Miguel Tejada Jr. is the 17-year-old is the son of 16-year MLB veteran and former AL MVP Miguel Tejada.

Tejada Jr. has recently taken to playing shortstop like his father did, but he also has experience in the outfield.​​

The young prospect was set to sign with the Chicago White Sox earlier last season, but like his father, he tested positive for a foreign substance, which ended up nixing the deal.

Specifically, he tested positive for a steroid called Stanozolol. It's derived from testosterone and can be used to help muscle building. It was also the PED that Rafael Palmeiro was allegedly busted for using all the way back in 2005.

​​With that being said, Tejada Jr. still has an impressive skill set to bring to the table. He has both power and speed, so it makes sense that the Phillies were eager to swipe him up despite the positive test.

If he wants to follow in the positive aspects of his father's footsteps and make it to the MLB level, though, he's going to have to stay clean.