​The NFL Combine is here and rumors are swirling.

Nick Bosa plans to meet with a lot of teams on Saturday. To be specific, it'l be the top eight teams in the NFL Draft.

Bosa is widely regarded as the top prospect heading into the 2019 NFL Draft, which means if he drops a couple of selections due to teams deciding they have other more pressing needs, someone will immediately pounce on him or explore the opportunity to trade up.

Bosa made headlines during his junior year at Ohio State after he decided to forgo the rest of the season to ​prepare himself for the draft following an a core muscle injury in September of last year.

He racked up 17.5 sacks and 29 tackles for loss in the 29 games he played for the Buckeyes.

With rumblings that the ​Arizona Cardinals are interested in drafting Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray with the first overall pick, the 49ers are in perfect position to draft Bosa, barring a trade.

The six picks that follow the 49ers might be wasting their time meeting with Bosa, to be honest.