In the opening minutes of the wild Golden State Warriors versus Miami Heat game on Wednesday night, ​Kevin Durant was already complaining because his teammates didn't share the ball with him on one particular possession. 

After Steph Curry tried pushing the ball up the court, he dribbled to his right, tried dodging defenders and attempted a little dump-off to teammate Klay Thompson. 

And flailing his 7-5 wingspan around in hopes of receiving the pass was non other than KD. 

Instead, the play resulted in a steal by Dwyane Wade and an easy basket on the other end for the Heat.

Look, I get it. The frustration of standing on the perimeter wide open only to see your teammate throwing the ball away can be annoying. But that doesn't excuse a grown man, nevertheless one of the most talented guys in the NBA, acting petulant and throwing a tantrum rather than getting back on defense.

Everyone's eyes are always on Durant, and he has to be a role model in this league as a result. The kids that are watching the Warriors see that behavior exhibited by their idol. The wrong message is sent.

All told, last night was not a good night for the Warriors. Given that they were on the wrong side of an amazing Dwyane Wade moment at the end of the game, Durant's indiscretions are even less helpful.

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