Ole Miss' star wide receiver ​​D.K. Metcalf declared for the NFL Draft and underwent measurements at Thursday's ​NFL Combine. The receiver went viral recently for looking ​incredibly jacked in a photo taken at the gym, and now he's stunned the league with his impressive measurements. 

Metcalf's wingspan measured in at an insane 82 7/8 inches, which comes out to just under 6-foot-11. Not to mention he's the size of some linebackers and has 34 and 7/8 inch arms. 

Metcalf's wingspan would technically be an NFL combine record for wide receivers. The star wide receiver is certainly improving his draft stock with these results as he's showing NFL teams that he is truly a unique specimen. 

Metcalf dealt with injuries during his final season at Ole Miss, but still caught five touchdown receptions in the seven games he played. He tallied 569 receiving yards and reeled in 26 receptions. He had 14 touchdown receptions in his college career. 

He and fellow Ole Miss wide receiver AJ Brown are projected to be some of the earliest wideouts off the board in the upcoming NFL Draft, and with measurements like these Metcalf will see his draft stock further improve. 

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