Do we have a tally for how many twists and turns this Bryce Harper chronicle has entailed?

​A report broke Thursday that the Dodgers still had intentions to sign Harper, but that they were still only looking to link a ​short-term deal with the superstar free agent

Now, Los Angeles has reportedly offered the 26-year-old a 10-year contract believed to be worth north of $300 million. 

It's important to note that Chris Camello isn't as renowned of a reporter as the likes of Jeff Passan, Buster Olney, Ken Rosenthal ​​and Jon Heyman to name a few. 

He did follow up his report, however, in typical honest journalistic fashion to inform his followers that this report wasn't exactly set in stone just yet given the fact that the Dodgers previous interest involved short term intentions.  

​​If true, this is potentially massive news as the Phillies and ​Giants have similar offers on the table and would make LA serious players...if they weren't already.

Let's not forget that ​Philly was reportedly worried that Bryce would choose the Dodgers if they offered him a contract similar to the one Camello has reported. As Camello points out, stay tuned for updates and confirmation on this report. To say its potential is enormous would be an understatement. 

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