​Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the platonic ideal of an offseason Packers story! My goodness, how did we get so blessed? In case you were wondering what recently-dismissed ​Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy has been up to, his offseason has included a lot of prep for the NCAA basketball combine, enjoying a hefty portion of his stepson's high school basketball games. ​McCarthy didn't enjoy Tuesday's contest, though, as seen in the footage below.

WLUK-TV FOX 11 was able to confirm that an official complaint has been levied about coach's bad behavior, following officials down to the tunnel.

​​Pulaski High School topped Notre Dame Academy, McCarthy's stepson's squad, by just one point in a regional game, ending Notre Dame's season. After the game, McCarthy had some lessons he had to get off his chest.

Or, as Pulaski athletic director Janel Batten put it, "“This parent chose to follow the officials and berate them, which is clearly unacceptable."

In the available security footage, which comes without audio, a man can be seen following the officials out of the gym. That man has been identified by those in the know as McCarthy.

Referees refused to speak to those who asked, but called the incident "unfortunate," claiming McCarthy went on a "verbal tirade." First a power struggle with Aaron, now this? When will the theatrics end for our former leader?

More details as this develops...we certainly hope.

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