​Marquette's roster is stocked with professional-quality shooters, and if they end up the No. 1 seed in the Big East Tournament, they'll clearly deserve it.

But ​Villanova proved on Wednesday that they've still got their trademark edge, able to overcome a poor shooting effort (by percentage) with impressive battling on the offensive boards and a little dose of Phil Booth.

When the dust settled, and with Mikal Bridges and Randy Foye in the building, ​Nova held their ground in front of the program's legends on senior night, prevailing 67-61.

Markus Howard's foul trouble certainly helped in sending Marquette to their doom; he checked out before the stretch run with four early fouls, three of them keenly-crafted charges. Though the Hausers shot the lights out, their attempts were limited (just 4-of-8), and Howard's balky wrist on an end-of-game blocking foul (the right call) with Marquette down three was the final nail in the coffin; he missed the first of two. His brutally contested long-range attempts on the next possession, with one of the two Hausers open, didn't help either.

The man who'll be hopefully carrying Nova forward, when they've been bereft of a scorer for a while now? Jermaine Samuels. The sophomore who scores just 4.4 points per game piled on 29 on 10-of-19 shooting. Phil Booth's final home contest didn't turn out the way he'd hoped on a personal level (17 points, but just 3-of-18), but no one cares about winning more than that man. He's got an incredible 2016 title game on his resume already. He'll shake it off and get ready for another run.

Who knows how "back on track" Villanova truly is? All we're aware of is that Marquette won't be locking up anything on this evening. Not on Jay Wright's turf.

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