​Are you kidding me?!? The Miami Heat stunned the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night on what was nothing short of a miraculous play. Down 125-123 to the defending NBA Champions, the Heat were very pass-happy in the final 10 seconds of regulation. Retiring NBA star ​Dwyane Wade found an opening and attempt to shoot the ball, but it was blocked by Warriors guard Jordan Bell. However, the ball ended back into Wade's grasp, who threw it up in the air from beyond the arc with under a second remaining...and it went in the basket.

We thought we saw it all in Miami months ago when the Dolphins defeated the New England Patriots.

Yet it's the Heat who provided fans with "The Miami Miracle Part II."

THAT'S how you ​say farewell to the game AND the Warriors. What a table-stomping memory that'll live on forever in Wade's iconic memory bank.

No pun intended.

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