When the San Francisco Giants reportedly tried to lure in Bryce Harper with a high-AAV contract over a short period of years, it sounded genius. The Giants would get a superstar player, Harper would make his money, and he would be back on the free agent market still in the middle of his prime. Alas, Harper has steadfastly refused to take a short-term deal, and the Giants were thus thought to be out of the sweepstakes for him.

However, recent reports have emerged claiming that the Giants are now discussing a 10-year contract with Harper after the two parties met on Tuesday.

Given Harper's potential reticence about playing in the city of Philadelphia -- despite the belief that the Phillies have been the favorites to land him -- teams like the Giants have been able to get back in the running in the last week or so.

However, despite the Giants' best efforts, it seems like the Los Angeles Dodgers may have the best chances to sign Harper now. The friendly right field porch at Chavez Ravine and the Dodgers recent success are key advantages that the Dodger have over the Giants.

Harper's free agent saga has drawn on longer than anyone could have imagined. With Spring Training already in full swing, Harper has to sign somewhere soon. Given the Giants' willingness to up their offer to a massive 10-year contract, it seems like teams are finally starting to be more willing to meet Harper's demands.

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