Mike Francesa is obviously a legendary radio broadcaster, both beloved and gleefully derided by WFAN listeners and nationwide sports fans for his ​boisterous commentary.

But poor ol' Mike hasn't been the same since he came out of retirement, and it showed once again when he had to use his phone to remind himself who even makes up this year's NFL Draft class.

​​It took him 40 seconds of rambling about how "indisputable" the defensive talent was in the 2019 class before Francesa could finally get the words "Nick Bosaout of his mouth despite Bosa being widely regarded as the favorite to be the No. 1 overall pick for months now.

I can cut Francesa a little slack here. As a good radio guy, he doesn't want to mislead the audience by giving them the wrong info, and would rather be safe and sorry. But the whole thing was unprofessional coming from such a seasoned vet. I'm sure he knew he was going to be talking about this as a segment on the show; Mike should've done a little more homework. 

This hasn't been Francesa's first time doing something like this, either. 

At the end of the day, the man's place in the New York sports radio game is guaranteed. It will never be in danger. But if he keeps biting off more than he's willing to chew it's a decidedly terrible look.

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