The NFL Draft season will kick into overdrive this weekend, as the Scouting Combine takes place in Indianapolis. The talk of the entire class has been Oklahoma Sooners quarterback ​Kyler Murray. Even though the two-sport star spurned the Oakland Athletics to focus on pursuing an NFL career, apparently that's not enough for some people. There are claims that Murray's father, Kevin, is "calling the shot's in [Kyler's] own career." Not only that, but if Murray doesn't get his way in the NFL, he will jump back to baseball.

Enter Lincoln Riley, Murray's college coach. Riley stresses that he has spoken to Murray's father numerous times, and he has never had any issues with him regarding football. Let's not forget that the Athletics allowed Murray to play this past season, and he won the Heisman Trophy.

Riley wasn't the only Oklahoma coach to step up in support of Murray. Former head coach Bob Stoops replied to Riley's tweet, saying that he never had any concerns with Kevin once Kyler transferred over from Texas A&M.

When looking at recent NFL Draft classes, there is always at least one polarizing prospect. Ironically, questions surrounded fellow Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield last year. Yet, the Cleveland Browns believed in him, and selected him first overall.

Between his height or​ his hand size, Kyler Murray has been the subject of criticism, and it's not going to go away. Speculation will continue to run rampant for the next two months, until Murray is finally drafted by an NFL team that trusts in Murray's commitment and skillset.

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