You can say a lot about Yu Darvish's time as a Chicago Cub but you can't ever call him anything but a team player.

The four-time All-Star has not really made his mark with this team just yet after pitching only eight games in 2018. He's heading into his second year with the Cubs after signing last offseason and is doing his best to let the team know he has their best interest in heart. 

Darvish joked that he was doing interviews without an interpreter in order to save the organization money.

Considering how much money he cost the Cubs last season for just eight games, saving them a bit of money might be a great idea. 

Darvish is due to make $20 million as a base salary this season and will hopefully at least play that many games. Darvish has the talent to be an ace for this team and now has to prove he's worth the money.

He may have made a joke about helping the franchise but it's a move in the right direction to speak with the media.

​​Darvish is moving forward with the reporters in Chicago and now needs to make the next step on the field. 

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