​It seems just about everyday we hear something different about ​Bryce Harper and where he's going to sign. One day the Philadelphia Phillies are the favorites, and now the ​Los Angeles Dodgers are serious contenders, as well as hundreds of other mystery teams that no one can find any evidence of.

​Except when you talk to Jon Heyman.

The situation may indeed be open, but when you read the Twitter timeline of Jon Heyman of Fancred, it's natural to think Harper's agent Scott Boras is feeding him this information.

You're telling me that several teams have offered Harper over $300 million? If that's the case, why hasn't he been close to signing? I doubt these offers have been on the table just a few days. This kind of info looks like it's straight from an agent.

Oh, so just about all of the California teams are in on Harper? Including the ​San Diego Padres after they gave Manny Machado a $300 million deal?

Aren't the Dodgers only interested in a short-term deal with Harper?

Well, according to Heyman, a short-term deal would be worse on the luxury tax right away. Understood, but don't you think the Dodgers thought about that beforehand?

This is a short sample size from the past 24 hours on Heyman's Twitter feed, and if you are a ball club paying any attention to these reports, you might just think this is what Scott Boras wants you to think.

All this hubbub about Harper feels an awful lot like a tactic to raise the price.

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