News leaked early on Tuesday that the ​Colorado Rockies, amid much discussion, offered Nolan Arenado an incredibly lucrative contract extension, and it appeared the star third baseman would be nuts to turn this offer down. 

Well, flash forward a few minutes, and...there it is. Arenado and the Rockies have agreed on a long-term deal that'll keep the elite defender and power bat at Coors Field for the next eight seasons.

Contract Details

The deal is reportedly an eight-year offer worth $255 million, which would see ​Arenado earn an average annual salary of $31.875 million. That would top Detroit Tigers veteran Miguel Cabrera's $31 million AAV. There's an opt-out for Arenado after three seasons.

This long-term extension could keep the elite 27-year-old playing at Coors Field for the remainder of his career, something Arenado has expressed interest in in the past. More importantly, it keeps him away from the Yankees, especially with a no-trade in tow.

The team extended the offer following reports that the Yanks had their sights set on the star infielder in next year's free agency, which was their partial excuse for not chasing Manny Machado. Well, that sure backfired!

Arenado is arguably the best two-way player in baseball. He hones outstanding bat speed and has hit more than 35 home runs in each of the past four seasons. He is also an elite defender and has won four consecutive Gold Glove awards, though his offensive numbers take a harsh nosedive away from Coors Field.

Luckily, that'll remain his home.

Arenado has finished in the top five of MVP voting in each of the past three seasons and has made the All-Star team four years running. The Rockies' star third baseman has proven to be one of the top talents in all of baseball, and is certainly worthy of a lucrative extension. 

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