What started out as a night where ​LeBron James made basketball history quickly turned into another grotesque loss by his Lakers, falling to the lowly Grizzlies 110-105, just two nights after losing to the Pelicans without Anthony Davis. 

After Saturday's loss to New Orleans, ​he proceeded to call his teammates out, questioning if they were up to the challenge of competing for a playoff berth. 

It turns out it was much of the same on Monday night for LeBron, only this time he inferred to reporters that his teammates don't deserve to play for the Lakers if they are still allowing distractions to affect their game.

Confirmed: any momentum that Los Angeles generated from their 19-point comeback dub over the Rockets last week has firmly eroded and the Lakers are in disarray once again. 

Luke Walton's men are currently tied for 10th in the West with 22 games remaining, trailing the Spurs by three games for the final playoff spot. And if not for San Antonio's recent road woes, LA would have an even steeper climb. 

Playoff mode? No way. It appears that LeBron is dangerously close to activating layoff mode. 

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