Based on current events, it appears as though the Phillies, Padres, White Sox, ​Dodgers and Giants are the teams in contention to sign Bryce Harper. Whether he signs soon or within the next week, however, is an entirely different story. 

We already know what Philadelphia is prepared to offer the 26-year-old stud, but according to ​MLB insider Jon Heyman, there are reportedly other teams offering over $300 million for Harper's services. 

If that is the case, then Philly could be forced to play their hand by offering Bryce even more money. 

Could one of these mystery teams be one of the other teams that ​Harper was meeting with in Las Vegas on Monday

It's impossible to tell, but one thing is clear and that is this report could change the entire dynamic of this massive letdown of an offseason. 

Having more potential $300 million deals to sort out could very well prolong Harper's decision even further into the future, which is the absolute last thing baseball fans want to hear with Spring Training already underway. 

Who will end up landing his services? We all hope it's soon.

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