It seems like the NFL is finally awake.

The football world was stunned last week when it was reported that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft would be imminently charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution. Everyone other than seemingly the league itself was shocked; the NFL pretty much said nothing in an initial statement about the accused owner.

Now that the organization has its bearings at long last, the NFL issued a statement that actually sounds professional and attentive:

There you go! Was that so difficult?

While the NFL did say that Kraft would be held to the same standards as players under its personal conduct policy, they did not say they would be issuing their own investigation. It seems like the league always takes matters into their own hands when it has to do with a player -- particularly if and when damning video footage comes to light -- but perhaps they'd rather sit back and let this play out on its own before targeting one of the more wealthy men in their circle of trust (and a man who happens to operate the reigning Super Bowl champs).

They won't have to wait too long to receive the necessary details from law enforcement, as Kraft could be arrested as early as Monday afternoon.

Kraft faces two counts of soliciting a prostitute, a misdemeanor, with a possibility of the maximum of 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. That's before the NFL comes in with their "appropriate action" after. 

Given this passive approach by the league, what happens if Kraft pleads or is found guilty is an utterly fascinating proposition.