It looks like the Philadelphia Phillies have some more competition in their pursuit of star free agent Bryce Harper. 

In a surprising twist to what seems like a neverending rumor mill around Harper's next landing spot, the Los Angeles Dodgers have entered (or possibly reentered depending on what report you believe) the bidding war for Harper's services. 

The Dodgers have deep pockets and aren't afraid to spend big on talent. However, before we get too excited, it looks like if they are getting back into the fray, it'll be on a shorter-term deal. 

Not sure if Buster's talking a record-breaking one-year deal, but this certainly adds another wrinkle to the offseason drama. 

The Phillies have reportedly been in close communication with Harper and his representatives for the last few weeks, and some reports suggest there's going to be a resolution (IE: deal) to those talks in the coming days. They're viewed as the front runners to land Harper and are reportedly offering him a massive long-term deal. 

However, there were also reports that Harper was speaking with multiple teams at the same time as the Phillies, and perhaps the Dodgers were one of those mystery teams. The Giants and Padres were also rumored to be in the Bryce sweepstakes. 

Of course, we still don't know where Harper will sign, and we're seemingly no closer to having an answer. But we do know things are heating up and Harper has plenty of options as the season approaches.