​It has been a disappointing season to say the least for ​Boston Celtics fans as their team is currently fifth in the Eastern Conference after being one of the favorites to win the East. Kyrie Irving has been called on to be a leader for Boston and he is ​failing miserably at it.

Following their loss to the Chicago Bulls, a game in which the Celtics trailed for almost the entire game, Irving said he wasn't concerned about his team's mental state heading into the postseason ​"because I'm here." 

This is the type of attitude that caused problems in ​Cleveland, Irving wants to be the guy that can do everything and it alienates his teammates and can even cost them g

The Celtics were supposed to compete for the NBA Championship this season with a roster loaded with talent, including Al Horford, Gordon Hayward and budding superstar Jayson Tatum.

Fans are getting frustrated with how this season is playing out and the​ rumors that Irving will test free agency aren't helping his image with a Celtics faithful that is accustomed to players, like Paul Pierce, staying loyal to the franchise.

If Irving really wants to be a leader, he will take responsibility for the team's struggles, not claiming ownership to why the team can still win and encouraging rumors that he's heading out to a new team next season.