LeBron James has been trying to attract star free agents to play with him for years and he has had some success -- Kevin Love is probably the best example -- but he's also had some failures. Many thought it was because of how unappealing Cleveland is. But, now that he is in Los Angeles, James is going to find out that the problem wasn't location, it's him.

Following their loss to the New Orleans Pelicans Saturday night, James called out his Lakers teammates for not having the necessary "sense of urgency" to make a run at a playoff spot.  This is exactly why players don't want to play with LeBron. If you aren't playing at the level he demands, he's going to publicly call you out, something NBA players really don't like.

With superstars like Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving eligible for free agency this upcoming offseason, the question will be whether James can get one of them to join him in Los Angeles. Irving clashed with James when they played together in Cleveland and, although Irving has apologized for his behavior, it's a sign that James has difficulty gelling with other star players.

James never had to recruit anybody to Miami, it was Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley who did that. Meanwhile, when Paul George was given the choice between returning home to LA to team with LeBron or staying in OKC with Russell Westbrook, he chose Russ. 

LeBron is going to have to change how he handles his teammates when they aren't playing at the level he wants or nobody is going to help him lead the Lakers to a title, and he needs help.