​Every day, a different hero for these North Carolina Tar Heels.

A different depth piece who ratchets up the intensity.

A different suffocating defensive play that turns a game on a dime and comes out of nowhere.

A different look from the team that got walloped by Michigan on the road and embarrassed Dick Vitale earlier this year, huh?

Now, the Heels are revived, renewed, and their road to elite status lies on the road and at the Dome. Pretty complete team, if you ask me, and no doubt worthy of a Top 5 ranking.

​​What could easily have been a let-down game following their road destruction of Duke, post foot explosion, instead turned into North Carolina's seventh victory over a ranked team this season, and featured a 8:30 stretch without a single field goal made by FSU when it mattered most. Every single look was contested.

And, as always seems to be the case with truly elite teams, every game belongs to someone else. 

​Wednesday's weirdness at Cameron Indoor was all Luke Maye and Cam Johnson's. Saturday's mid-afternoon stomping was the ​Nassir Little Coming Out Party we've all been waiting for; everyone's favorite top draft pick got everything he wanted, putting up 18 points and an exclamation point dunk with five minutes remaining, extending the lead to 17.

​​You can certainly color me the low man on the Heels when the season started. Far from a homer, I didn't see nearly enough composure at Michigan, in a neutral site game against Kentucky, or even in a road wrestling match with Wofford (what a season opener that looks like now) to consider that they'd be competent on the road in the ACC slate.

Instead, they're the best road team of Roy Williams' ACC career, still undefeated.

Losses from Tennessee and Nevada, plus Michigan's sleepwalking recent slate, should send this clear Top 5 team where they belong the next time the poll gets released. And I'll keep sleeping, too. Seems like they prefer it that way.