Robert Kraft hasn't even been ​arrested for soliciting prostitution yet. Not only is he innocent until proven otherwise, but for now, he's a free man straight on through the weekend until a warrant is finally issued.

But the police in Jupiter, Fla. claim to have footage of the decorated mogul receiving paid sex acts at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Point blank, ​Bob Kraft has no business owning an NFL franchise, much less the reigning Super Bowl champions.

Unfortunately​the National Football League as an organization is more nefarious, sneering, and exploitative than Kraft could ever manage to be by himself. The likelihood that his fellow owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell would ever force him out like the NBA did to Donald Sterling is essentially nil.

But Kraft also owns a separate sporting franchise, Major League Soccer's New England Revolution. And MLS needs to prove that it actually stands for something by readying themselves to do what the NFL will surely never do: force this man out of the league forever.

The dirty truth about MLS is that football people with only a fleeting understanding of soccer are running the whole damn operation. League Commissioner ​​Don Garber was a longtime NFL vice president. NFL owners Arthur Blank, Stan Kroenke, Jimmy Haslam, and Clark Hunt all control their own MLS franchises.

And the Kraft family superseded all of them on the ground floor with the Revolution. They're especially close with Garber, with Bob and son Jonathan projecting serious, essentially unparalleled influence around the league.

With that in mind, the way forward is clear. It's time for ​Major League Soccer's owners and executives to live up to one of their own favorite slogans -- "Don't Cross the Line" -- and give Robert Kraft the business. He should be indefinitely suspended from the league effective immediately, and if it is proven the he was involved in any way with human sex trafficking, underage girls, or any manner of coordinated criminal conspiracy, he absolutely must be banned from MLS for life.

The important thing here is that none of this will do a damn thing to heal the damage that's already been done. The latest reporting suggests that the women involved in this ​sex ring were being held in abhorrent conditions and forced to work against their will, and doing whatever is necessary in service of their dignity and wellbeing has to come first.

But if and when the victims of these alleged crimes have been able to begin the long road to healing, the perpetrators have got to pay. True, it's hard to imagine a close ally of Donald Trump facing justice commensurate with their purported crimes these days, but karma's pendulum has to swing back some time.

And when it does, Major League Soccer must be agile enough to act. Bob Kraft obviously lacks the moral character (assuming the allegations are proven true) to deserve the privilege of owning a professional sports franchise, and it's time for Don Garber and the MLS ruling class to seek new leadership in New England.

Naturally, the NFL should be ready to do the exact same thing with ​the Patriots. But given their history with everything from suppressing concussion research to excusing and denying domestic violence, we won't hold our breaths.