​Will the Patriots Dynasty that started with the Tuck Rule finally end with a Tug?! 

​Robert Kraft, billionaire owner of the Pats, will go down as one of many names caught in an absurdly ​awful sex trafficking ring, and is reportedly on camera performing illicit acts. While we wait for the ripples from his arrest to affect the NFL landscape, the entire world decided to get their jokes off.

​​Another ring for this guy. Damn. What an overachiever.

It's also important to note where this all went down.

​​But could this really be...the happy ending we all deserve? Are the Pats dead?

​​No way, right? Boston fans just end up complaining about how Kraft was totally railroaded and they somehow go 20-0, adding an extra game to their schedule. Sure.

At least Kraft might have a buddy next year.

​​The visitation goes both ways, creep!

Probably the worst part about this business is we've heard they've got video evidence proving Kraft's guilt. Luckily (editor's note: not lucky!!), some of that video has leaked.

​​Looking proud and strong, Robby!

​​Look at the man strut his stuff!

But things only got worse when the action began.

​​Mr. K, no! Stand up, my boy!

But that's not the worst of it.

That man has a family! And that's who he's kissing!

And, if that wasn't bad enough, Kraft was callous enough to boast to a boat full of people when he got out of there.

​​How can he be so cruel?

How'd the government even get this info, man?

​​Oh, yeah, the ultimate snitch.

Kraft's life as he knows it is about to end.

​​Wow. Terrible week for the cast of "Empire."

Either way, surely Kraft will be changing his mind on recent NFL controversies, based on what we now know about him.

​​You just got got, Robert! The jig is up.