​It seems the New England Patriots organization cannot escape controversy despite their interminable success, and this is definitely the worst example yet.

Owner Robert Kraft, whose image has seemingly started to change for the better in recent years after his role in helping Meek Mill get out of prison, has now hit rock bottom. He's being charged in relation to a prostitution and sex trafficking ring in Florida. 

Jupiter Police chief Daniel Kerr announced on Friday that Kraft is among a number of others being charged with "soliciting another to commit prostitution." It was a months long investigation into the human trafficking scandal and it's been confirmed that there is video evidence of all of the men involved committing said acts at the Orchids of Asia day spa.

​​That doesn't bode well at all for Kraft, the Patriots or the NFL. There's going to be a lot of explaining to do from just about every corner, and the imminent warrant out for his arrest could completely change the upcoming league year.

Kraft is expected to be charged with two criminal counts and an arrest warrant will soon be issued for him.