Kevin Harlan is a national treasure. Harlan, one of TNT's NBA commentators, called Thursday night's Bucks-Celtics clash, and when Marcus Morris leapt into the stands to save a loose ball and spilled a fan's ​beer in the process, Harlan was there for a spot-on, hilarious commentary of the situation. 

Couldn't have called it better!

Harlan just has a knack for sports commentary. An engaging and entertaining play-by-play commentator for football, he's fantastic in the booth for CBS and truly makes the games ​exciting. His NBA commentary is fantastic as well though, as he brings energy no matter the circumstance.

However, possibly his most endearing characteristic is his ability to improvise and make the odd moments the most entertaining. His radio call of a fan running onto the field during a 49ers-Rams game in 2016 remains one of the most memorable in years and is a pure showcase of Harlan's excellence as a sports commentator. 

While the Bucks-Celtics game was a tight matchup that came down to the wire and entertaining in its own right, it was Harlan's call that stole the show.