​Talented young pitchers such as ​Aaron Nola and ​Luis Severino were eager to sign extensions with their respective teams. They did this rather than go through arbitration, perhaps because they were scared by the glacial pace of the current free-agent market.

New York Mets standout Noah Syndergaard, however, seems unfazed. According to Tim Britton of The Athletic, Syndergaard is unlikely to sign a team-friendly deal and would rather test free agency.

​​His confidence is well-founded. Syndergaard is the proud owner of a 2.97 career ERA and has struck out 9.9 batters per nine innings on the back of his blazing-fast 100 MPH heater.

One would assume that he'd have teams chomping at the bit to sign him when he hits free agency following the 2021 season, but with the aforementioned slow-moving market and ​players and teams currently engaged in a bit of a standoff, he might not have as many suitors as he anticipates.

It's a bold move for such a young player to eliminate the possibility of a team-friendly extension. Syndergaard is running the risk of alienating himself, and should injury befall him at any point in the next three seasons, he might find himself wishing he hadn't been so eager to hit the market.