Anytime you take down the top team in the country, you know you and your guys are going to have to celebrate. That celebration takes on a new form when the team you just took down happens to be your most hated rival. After UNC defeated Duke in convincing fashion on Wednesday night, Roy Williams gave us another vintage postgame performance.

You'd never know he was 68 years old with the kind of enthusiasm this man shows.

This is not the first time we've seen Williams lose his mind after a huge win. He's no stranger to letting loose and having a blast with his players after their hard work pays off. How can you blame the guy for getting excited with his band of talented 20-year-olds? 

Even if it wasn't the Blue Devils, Williams has plenty to get amped about.

That age is getting up there, but Williams can still get down. Don't worry, if you missed this celly, you'll be able to see plenty more with the UNC coach recently ​signing an eight-year extension.

That's eight more years of wins, and eight more years of Williams showing that age is just a number.