Is ​the MLB about to get itself a brand new super-team on the West Coast?

​In response to ​Manny Machado's massive deal with the Padres, the latest from the rumor mill holds that superstar free agent Bryce Harper is giving San Diego a chance to match the 10-year, $330 million offer he has reportedly received from the ​Philadelphia Phillies.

Take what @HuddleSportz is putting out there with a grain of salt. But this particular account did catch wind of the Machado deal before the biggest MLB reporters in the business were tweeting it out.

The Phillies have long been in contention for Harper's efforts and their offer shows their desire to give Harper just what he wants: the most expensive contract on baseball history and with long-term ramifications. However, it seems that Harper does not want to play in Philadelphia, and is trying to everything he can to avoid that.

If Harper really wanted to be in Philly, he would've signed with them the moment he got this contract offer. Harper has played for a division rival his entire career, so maybe there's some animosity toward them that he is struggling to overlook.

San Diego is far, far closer to Harper's hometown of Las Vegas than Philadelphia, something that is of great importance to the free agent. Giving the Padres the opportunity to match the deal could have negative effects on how Harper is viewed by the Phillies fans (whether or not he does eventually sign there).

The question remains whether or not San Diego wants to commit $630 million to two players for the next decade. Although given that Scott Boras is his agent, this is plausibly just a negotiation tactic.