A lot of today's top college players may be one-and-done, but you expect them to learn at least some things when they're playing at the highest level of amateur hoops. If you're at Duke University, sportsmanship may not be one of those things, considering the Blue Devils' head men's basketball coach doesn't always participate in the practice himself. Following Duke's shocking loss to North Carolina Wednesday night, Mike Krzyzewski breezed by Roy Williams and barely acknowledged him with a handshake.

Nothing like a good thumping to show your true colors. 

We all get why Coach K was angry. His team was finally back in the top spot in the nation just to likely see them drop in a week after a demoralizing 88-72 loss. He may have even felt robbed given that Zion Williamson exited the game in just 36 seconds with a knee sprain and did not return.

They may have lost the nation's best player, but that's no excuse to act like a baby and move past Roy Williams like that. Poor Coach K, he only had to attempt to beat North Carolina with two other potential top-five draft picks in RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish and a presumptive top 10 selection in Tre Jones. What a travesty.

Not enough focus is on Coach K's snub following the game. You can guarantee that he'll stop and give Williams the proper attention when they play again in March, and it won't be because he learned his lesson. It'll be because he'll have a healthy Zion and a better chance to win.