​Luke Maye's a real interesting guy. We'd love to sit and talk to him after ​dropping 30 on Duke, too. That's awesome! On the road, too! The only reason to be cutting away from a Luke Maye shot at this point would be, I don't know, a guy disrobing in the background and clearly taking out ​his genitals. Good thing ESPN wasn't as quick-draw as the fly in question!

​​Yeah, that's...that's what that is.

No way to speculate about who it was -- and who would want to? -- but we're going to go ahead and leave you UNC's roster and you just make your own decisions.

Odds are it wasn't a forlorn Duke player in the wrong locker room still salty from the loss just trying to get his D some fresh air to breathe after that embarrassment.

​​88-72 Heels was the final score, but ultimately, the boys in Carolina Blue took home two major wins on this evening.

ESPN, of course, took the L. Whoops. Have better awareness, guys.