​The Duke Blue Devils thought they were a complete team even before they were able to add ​Zion Williamson late in the recruiting season. Of course they were! They already had the top two recruits in RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish. 

So when Williamson went down 36 seconds in with a blown Nike and an injured knee, most folks on the ground still assumed the Blue Devils could easily outrun and gun the Heels into the locker room.

Not. So. Much.

​These Heels have a metric ton of heart, and though this road victory will come with a monstrous asterisk, ​Luke Maye leaves his final game at Cameron Indoor a Carolina legend. He absolutely got anything he wanted, and the Heels prevailed. It wasn't close.

88-72 was your final, and no, no one on earth saw this coming. Without Williamson, Javin DeLaurier and Marques Bolden were entirely unable to counter Garrison Brooks, Cam Johnson, and Maye on the interior, who were all able to live easily in the paint, something Carolina doesn't even do that well. Maye led the way with an absurd 30 points on 14-of-24 shooting (no typos), and though Duke nearly squeezed the game tight towards halftime (they cut it to five), UNC stretched that to 10 with great composure.

Soon after, not long into the second half, it was 22, and only shades of Louisville could've saved the home team then. No dice.

Neither team shot particularly well from the outside, though Barrett had his moments, scoring 33 basically out of necessity. Carolina moves to 21-5, and Duke opens up a truckload of questions about how to handle the best NBA prospect in a decade when he's ailing and you're trying to win a near-guaranteed ring.

Can't do that without him. Clearly couldn't tonight.