​There's no way to sugarcoat this: there's nothing good whatsoever about Zion Williamson tearing up his beloved Nikes on national television just 33 seconds into Duke-UNC at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

It's a complete disaster for everyone involved, and Williamson's draft-ready body is much more important than a little dent in Nike's reputation.

But that didn't stop a few corporations from taking well-earned shots. First, Buffalo Wild Wings offered a little solace.

​​Oof. Don't they have the power to pause entire games there? Can't we just rewind past the shoe incident?

But the roasting didn't stop there, of course. Puma isn't quite on Phil Knight's level yet in distributing basketball shoes to our nation's youth, but they weren't going to miss a major opportunity here to get an advertising win. However, it shouldn't have been so easy to fire this one off.

​​Well, guys, it won't shock you that they deleted the hell out of this.

Good job, good effort, Puma and BWW, but yeah. You might want to wait for a diagnosis before getting your light jokes off.