​This man is part-myth, and you know he's ready to put on a show against...Luke Maye? Yeah. Luke Maye. ​Zion Williamson took off from the paint during Wednesday's warmups, and proved he's got the right amount of bounce to blow the roof off Cameron Indoor once again on his biggest stage yet. Was this worth the ​$2,000 ticket?

​​Holy mother of God.

There's nothing like this Blue Devil anywhere across the nation. Sort of upsetting that if Duke had simply picked up the top two recruits in the country in RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish, we might not be in this "unbeatable" position. But here we are. Who's beating these people?

Either way, the fans are beyond ready.

​​Though Virginia and Syracuse's biggest and goofiest bodies have tried (and failed) to stay in from of Williamson on the big stage, it feels like Luke Maye attempting to take a charge in front of this might be the most hilarious look yet.

​Godspeed, kid.