Before superstar LeBron James went down with a groin injury, the Los Angeles Lakers were finally hitting their stride following a poor start to the season. 

After his injury, however, the team slipped from No.4 in the Western Conference to No.10, which would put them on the outside looking in for the playoffs. With 25 games left before the season ends, the 28-29 Lakers must go on a run if they hope to earn a spot in the postseason, with James now firmly at the helm.

When asked about his preparation for the final 25 games, ​James stated that he enjoys a challenge and is looking forward to making a push for the playoffs, a bit earlier than usual.

Let's. Go. 

Despite being the best in the game, ​​James is certainly used to being an underdog, so this run with the Lakers should not pressure him too much. 

He was an underdog when he brought the ​Cleveland Cavaliers back from a 3-1 series deficit to win the NBA Finals in 2016, and he was an underdog when he brought one of the worst teams in Finals history to the dance in both 2007 and 2018. Time and time again, LeBron has delivered when he is needed most, so this time should be no different.

Look for "Zero Dark Thirty" ​LeBron to make several appearances during the final games of the season, as he prepares to the deliver in a crucial moment once again, a bit ahead of schedule.