The talk of this year's edition of the NBA All-Star Game had nothing to do with the action. No, it all surrounded ​impending free agents Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving enjoying each other's company.

Both players were rather chummy in Charlotte, with the two spotted in the hallways of the Spectrum Center chatting it up. But the biggest takeaway was Irving being ​the only NBA player on the court once Durant received his All-Star Game MVP award.​

Many speculate that the two might team up, a la LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, in free agency, as Irving's "engagement" with the Celtics appears to be weakening just a bit. Well, the two were reportedly spotted having dinner at a Miami restaurant this week, as showcased on ESPN's The Jump.

If you're near a New York Knicks fan, go check on them, because they're probably hyperventilating.

In case you were thinking about the validity of the photo, here is a fan who caught up with Irving, where it was geotagged at South Beach, and was posted on Tuesday. More importantly, he's wearing the same shirt that's seen in the above photo, and it's All-Star gear.

Then there's the video at the restaurant, with Irving and Durant sitting at the same table, along with some of their colleagues.

It is interesting, to say the least, that both are impending free agents are hanging out together. One would presume that they were discussing their strategies for the offseason. Or, they could just be catching up on life.

And let's not forget they're hanging out in MIAMI. Who doesn't want to hang out in Miami?

Maybe we're all looking to far into this (we definitely are), but this is the social media era of sports, so by all means, go crazy.