The Green Bay Packers are going through an unusual ​NFL offseason. With a new head coaching staff and higher expectations for next season, fans need some sense of stability to lean on in the coming months. One way to do that would be to re-sign linebacker Clay Matthews.

Matthews has spent ​his entire career with the Packers, however, his production has dropped significantly in recent seasons. After recording 61 sacks in his first six seasons, Matthews has just 15.5 in his last three years, that's about a 50 percent decrease.

Moving Matthews to an inside linebacker position could solve this problem. Matthews doesn't have the explosive first step he used to possess, which is necessary for and edge rusher. 

But his tackling abilities are still there and his leadership role in the huddle is unquestioned. By moving Matthews to the middle of the box, you give him a role that better suits his changing style of play.

The fans love Matthews and the last thing the front office wants to do is give them another reason to be frustrated. Having a player of Matthews' caliber would be a monumental asset to new head coach Matt LaFleur.