Fans everywhere are going to lose their minds over this. 

While appearing on The Ringer’s NBA Desktop with Jason Concepcion, NBA big man Joel Embiid revealed who he believes is the greatest basketball player of all time​...

​​Embiid went old school! He claimed NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT because of the records and accolades he was able to achieve during his time in the league.

“To me, you go Wilt Chamberlain," Embiid said. "I mean, he has all the records. They’re never gonna be beaten. I don’t see anybody getting 100 points in a game. That’s it. He’s the GOAT.”

I can see why Embiid chose Wilt as his No. 1. Embiid is arguably one of the best big men in the league today. Of course, he is going to resonate with a fellow center in the conversation of who's the best to ever do it! He's not going to pick a guard or forward. 

Many will think Embiid is crazy for his pick. Although Wilt is always regarded as a legend and a monumental figure in NBA history, he is usually never in the "GOAT" conversation, given the time and competition level of the NBA in the 1960s. 

However, one must give respect where respect is due. Chamberlain is a two-time NBA champion, Finals MVP, four-time league MVP, 13-time All-Star, seven-time NBA scoring champion, 11-time NBA rebounding champion, has his jersey retired with three different NBA franchises and of course holds the record with most points scored in one game (100).