​MLB free agency has apparently reached a new level of petty. It's approaching NBA status at this point.

First, Manny Machado and ​Bryce Harper both reportedly didn't want to budge and sign a free agency deal first, likely because one wanted to see what the other would get and then be able to negotiate a bigger deal.

Well, Machado finally caved, ​signing a $300 million contract with the San Diego Padres, which is the biggest free agency deal ever. And now, Bryce Harper is reportedly trying to upstage that, according to MLB insider Jon Morosi.

​​Right before Machado is expected to take the podium and be introduced as a Padre in a historic press conference, the news of Harper finally signing with the Phillies is allegedly going to drop.

Not only that, but Harper's deal is rumored to be bigger than Machado's ... and if this buzz is any indication, it's going to he MUCH bigger.

This will be the troll of all trolls.

At this point, what does it matter? Just get these guys under contract and start the season already. We've had enough of the nonsense these last two years.