​The Zion Effect is here and it's real.

Anybody who saw the Spartanburg High School sensation before his arrival to the ​Duke Blue Devils knew that the seeing him on a basketball floor would be worth the price of admission. 

The 6-7, 285-pound forward threw down viral dunk, after viral dunk on his way to 2.4 million Instagram followers (which is more than some professional teams). Zion's gravity-defying displays and volleyball spike blocks are must-see TV. It has all drawn the likes of Jay-Z and LeBron James to Cameron Indoor Stadium. 

A study conducted by VIVIDSEATS proves just how big of a draw Zion is.

For the ​North Carolina Tar Heels alone, the average ticket price for a game at Chapel Hill was $70. But, when Duke comes to town that number jumps up to $991. The highest priced ticket ever to see college basketball's best rivalry was $5,400 (UNC vs. Duke 3/3/18). With Zion this number has almost doubled to $10,652.

Fans are flocking from all over to catch a glimpse of the fab freshman forward. 

Zion is a near-lock to go No. 1 in the upcoming NBA draft, not only for his sensational talent, but his ability to draw a crowd.