​San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija is already missing manager Bruce Bochy. The skipper announced that the 2019 season ​would be his last, and Samardzija knows that this is a signal of the end of an era for ​MLB managers in general: 

While giving Bochy high praise, the Shark also threw shade at the other managers in suggesting that there will be 30 "puppets" in dugouts around baseball once Bochy is gone. Samardzija's comments, while fiery and meant to be the ultimate endorsement of the longtime Giants boss, aren't that accurate.

Bochy is the most experienced and longest-tenured manager in the game, but it's not as if the drop-off behind him is massive. Cleveland's Terry Francona is the second-most experienced manager with 18 years of service after Bochy's 24. Kansas City's Ned Yost is the second-longest tenured manager with one team, as he is going into his ninth full season. Bochy is entering his 14th with the Giants. Tito and Yost aren't exactly pushovers, to say nothing of rising managerial stars like AJ Hinch and Alex Cora.

Samardzija is also forgetting about ​Mike Scioscia, who just spent the last 19 seasons with the Los Angeles Angels and might very well sign with another team after a year or so of "retirement."

Samardzija is annoyed that the newer managers and front office personnel look at players as numbers and analytics and not real people. Bochy is part of an older generation of baseball, and the game is changing. Samardzija isn't happy about it, but it's not likely that he'll retire when the new guy comes in.