​Manny Machado chose to sign the largest free-agent contract in American sports history with the San Diego Padres, worth ​10 years at $300 million. It's a bit of a shock, but the Padres were one of a few teams linked to him. The other favorites were the Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies.

Philadelphia will probably get over it and be fine, but this is a blow to Chicago, especially if you ask ​VP Kenny Williams

It burns even more when you offered a sizable contract, that according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic was eight years at $250 million.

The White Sox offered a higher AAV and the total value of the deal if you include incentives and vesting options could've been "well north" of $300 million, but it was San Diego who gave him the 10 years and a guaranteed salary that started with the number three.

Even though the White Sox signed friends (Jon Jay) and family (Yonder Alonso) of Machado's, it could've come down to the simple fact that he'd rather live in beautiful San Diego as opposed to Chicago.